Trump May Use Military To Stop Border Crisis

It seems the Trump administration is willing to go a step further in mitigating the crisis at the southern border. Yesterday, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said the administration sees the crisis as a
“Cat 5 hurricane disaster.”

While responding to Tucker Carlson’s question about military intervention at the border, Secretary Nielsen said:

“I think we’re looking into that. We’ve made the request. I’m in constant contact with the acting secretary of defense. I talked to some of the combatant commanders today. We are in fact pushing more and more military resources to the border.”

Secretary Nielsen also said the administration is going to use the E-Verify system to address employers who have hired illegals.

“We have to stop the drugs. We have to stop the smuggling and trafficking gangs. He [Trump] is very serious about it, so yes, I think everything is on the table,” she said.

This new development comes after president Trump cut aid to Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala last week. He also threatened to close the entire border if illegal immigration does not stop.

This past week, 4000 illegal migrants were apprehended in one day at the border. At the current rate, there would be over 100,000 people apprehended this month, and over 1,000,000 people this year.