This Week’s Highlights Of Liberal Hypocrisy

  • Donald Trump Signs Bibles — Liberals complained when President Trump signed bibles while visiting the people of Alabama after a tornado that killed 23 and injured 97. These hypocritical liberals are the same people who support abortion and complain about Christians and prayers. They want prayers and God to be taken out of schools, yet they are offended when Trump puts his signature on a bible. When the people of Alabama brought their bibles for Trump to sign, what was he supposed to do? Say no?
  • Meghan McCain Cries Over Antisemitism — Liberals complained when Meghan McCain voiced her mind on Ilhan Omar’s anti-Semitic statements. McCain was moved to tears as she spoke about the damage that Antisemitism can cause, and the liberals insulted her and called her a cry baby. These are the same people who supported Terry Crews, a full grown muscular man, who cried about being sexually assaulted by a fellow man. Liberals often cheer whenever fellow liberal celebrities cry at award shows while spewing hate on Trump. But when a white, conservative woman cried about the dangers of Ilhan Omar’s hateful comments, liberals said she was being a big baby.
  • Paul Manafort VS Jussie Smollett — President Trump’s former campaign manager was sentenced to four years in prison, and liberals lost their minds. They complained that the sentence was too short, considering Robert Mueller was recommending 25 years. But yesterday, Jussie Smollet was indicted for faking a hate crime, and he could be facing three years in prison. Liberals are not asking for Smollett to serve a full sentence. Why? Because he is one of them.
  • International Women’s Day — Yesterday was IWD, and liberals poured out several comments on social media, complaining about the fictitious wage gap. They also asked for more female bankers, CEOs, and government officials. Liberals claim that these jobs are dominated by men. But what about other professions like plumbing, truck driving and welding? What about the army? These jobs are also dominated by men, and we don’t hear liberals pushing for female inclusivity in such professions. With liberal logic, men and women should have equal opportunities when it comes to “fancy jobs.” But when the jobs are dangerous, men can have them 100 percent.