Teacher Prevents 6th Grader From Choosing Trump As Her Hero

A woman from Long Island has complained about her daughter’s teacher. Apparently, the teacher prevented the 6th grader from using Donald Trump as her hero for a class assignment.

According to the mom, 11-year-old Bella Moscato has been a fan of Donald Trump since she was eight. In fact, she dressed up as Donald Trump for a 3rd-grade class project. And when her current teacher asked the class to write an essay on their hero, she chose Trump, but the teacher immediately refused and asked her to choose someone else.

According to Long Island News 12, the teacher said President Trump “spreads negativity and says bad stuff about women,” and for that reason, Bella cannot use him as a hero for the assignment.

Bella’s mom, Valeria Moscato, was outraged by the teacher’s actions. She says what the teacher did “amounts to intimidation and censorship.”

Arthur Moscato, Bella’s dad, said he “can’t believe someone would tell his daughter that the current U.S. president cannot be her hero.”

The school, Samoset Middle School, has denied the accusations. But Arthur Moscato maintains that the story is true, saying “No one should make a child feel that way, and you’re supposed to protect my child.”

These kinds of teachers are overstepping in their duties as educators. The Conservative Line has reported several times on crazy liberal teachers who are trying to indoctrinate kids with their own political ideologies.

This nonsense must stop. Teachers should go back to teaching the basics and leaving their own political feelings out of the classroom.