Stormy Daniels Says She Fired Michael Avenatti

Yesterday, Michael Avenatti announced a split between him and porn star, Stormy Daniels. The statement released by Avenatti sounded like he was the one who called for an end to their relationship. Apparently, Stormy does not agree, and she insists she was the one who fired Avenatti.

While speaking to a private social club last night, Stormy Daniels said “it’s adorable” that Avenatti is pretending like he was the one who dropped her, when it was in fact the other way around.

β€œHe [Avenatti] knew that I was unhappy and looking for new counsel,” Stormy said. β€œI have a new attorney. The details will be coming out very soon. ”

This is not the first time we are hearing of some problems between Stormy and Avenatti. Back in November last year, Stormy sued Avenatti for allegedly suing Trump without her authorization. She lost that lawsuit, and she is said to be owing $300,000 in attorney’s fees.

It should be noted that in November, Stormy said Avenatti was advancing his own “agenda” by suing Trump without her knowledge. There might be some truth to that, considering the fact that Avenatti is a Democrat with clear symptoms of Trump Derangement Syndrome.

In any case, it is safe to say that their boat has capsized, and Avenatti is officially no longer representing Stormy. We are still waiting for Stormy to announce who her new lawyer is.