Senate Democrats Propose A Bill To Abolish Electoral College

Today, Democrats in the Senate are expected to introduce a bill to get rid of the electoral college. The bill will be introduced by Brian Schatz, the Democratic senator from Hawaii. As expected, many Democrats are already on board with the bill.

Illinois Democratic Senator, Dick Durbin said the bill “reflects popular sentiment, and in a democracy, that should be good enough. Inserting the electoral college into the system creates an artificial qualification that I don’t think is consistent with the fundamentals.”

Other Democrats such as Kirsten Gillibrand and Diane Feinstein are also in full support of the bill.

It is obvious that Democrats want to abolish the electoral college because Al Gore and Hillary Clinton won the popular vote but lost the election to their Republican opponents.

Congress has tried so many times to reform the electoral college, but it was always to no avail. In fact, virtually every session of Congress since 1804 has tried to alter the electoral college in one way or the other.

Kerry Pickets of The Daily Caller notes that “despite the efforts over the years to change the Electoral College, there has never been enough congressional support to change the system, as an amendment is required to pass both congressional chambers by a two-thirds vote and then be ratified by three-fourths of the states.”

Whether or not this bill will be successful is left to be seen. However, Senate Republicans are not expected to get on board with this insane agenda.