Rashida Tlaib Is Still Trying To Impeach Trump

This woman would not let it rest. Even after the failed Mueller investigation, Tlaib continues to implore other Democrats in congress to investigate Donald Trump for “impeachable offenses.” She is currently sending out letters to various colleagues, begging them to join her insane crusade.

A part of the letter reads as follows:

“The fact that President Trump has yet to comply with various clauses of our U.S. Constitution sets a dangerous precedent. Much of the allegations have yet to be fully investigated by this body who also took an oath to uphold the U.S. Constitution. It is critical that we protect the American people and our country from any conflicts of interests that directly erodes our democracy.”

According to the letter, Tlaib wants two main things. First, she wants Congress to investigate whether or not Trump violated the Foreign Emoluments Clause by accepting money from foreign countries. Second, she wants Congress to investigate the alleged hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels, and the effects that could have had on the 2016 election.

At this point, Democrats should not be allowed to perform any further investigations using taxpayer money. Millions of dollars went into the useless Mueller investigation, but Democrats are still not satisfied. I have to ask: why do they want to get rid of Trump so badly? Surely, Democrats must be smart enough to realize that you cannot impeach somebody simply because you don’t like him.

After her election, Tlaib infamously swore to impeach Trump, and that seems to be her only agenda as a congresswoman. It is indeed a shame that unqualified people like Tlaib got elected with absolutely no idea on how to legislate. The liberals who vote for them usually vote based on identity politics and as such, even the most retarded people can make it to Congress if they have the right skin color, gender or religion.