Parkland Shooting Survivor Does Not Want Gun Control

Kyle Kashuv, a student from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, has said he does not want stricter gun laws. Kashuv was one of the people who survived the deadly Parkland school shooting last year that killed 17 of his schoolmates. While speaking at a meeting held by the school’s Conservatives club, he advocated for teachers and staff to be allowed to carry guns on the school’s premises.

Kashuv further explained that stricter gun laws would not prevent criminals from getting laws illegally. Like a Chicago study revealed, 97 percent of inmates at a local jail obtained their weapons illegally.

Kashuv also said he believes that background checks are good, as long as they don’t limit the ability of regular citizens to get guns, like the State of Hawaii is trying to do right now.

As he recollected the events of the Parkland school shooting, he said he heard two gunshots, after which him and his friends hid for two hours. The shooter, Nikolas Cruz, killed 17 and injured 17 others.

Kashuv expressed dissatisfaction in the way the left wing media politicized the shooting. He said:

“The gun control debate overshadowed the real issues. What people don’t understand is there were so many systematic failures by the government. There were 46 reports to the sheriff’s department and two tips to the FBI.”

Kashuv believes that the shooting could have been prevented if the police and FBI had followed up on the many tips they had gotten.