Nigerian Journalist, Omoyele Sowore, Must Remain In Government Custody

Over the last couple of days, there has been a lot of hullabaloo concerning a detained Nigerian journalist who was released and rearrested merely hours later. Omoyele Sowere, who runs the New York based Sahara Reporters, was arrested in August after calling for a violent overthrow of the Nigerian government. Sowore was seen on camera calling for the removal of President Buhari as well as members of the country’s legislature. He called for a revolution, using #RevolutionNow, which gained a lot of traction on social media apps like Facebook and Twitter.

In that same video, Sowore said that his #RevolutionNow agenda was “not a protest.” He also threatened Nigeria’s domestic intelligence agency, the Department of State Security Services (DSS), claiming that the agency would cease to exist as a result of his revolution.

Of course, Sowore was promptly arrested, as would be expected of any sane government. Leftist news media outlets in the US picked up the story and got it all wrong, as they usually do. CNN and others reported the news with sensational headlines along the lines of “Pro-democracy journalist arrested in a Nigeria.”

What they conveniently left out was the fact that Sowore was not arrested because he was a journalist. He was not arrested because he was an activist. He was arrested for threatening peace and order, as well as Nigeria’s national security. Here in the US, we will never allow anyone, not even failed Hilary Clinton or soon-to-be-failed Joe Biden, to threaten the FBI or the CIA or other intelligence agencies. They will be promptly tried under US Code 18 and remanded to prison or worse.

Also noteworthy is the fact that Omoyele Sowore was a presidential candidate in Nigeria’s February elections. He lost woefully, gaining less than 1% of the votes. Thus, it is interesting that someone who could not win at the ballot was loudly calling for a revolution “against bad governance.” Clearly, Nigerians didn’t think he was good enough, otherwise they would have voted for him in treasure troves.

Sowore was released last week by the DSS after months of back and forth with the Nigerian Judiciary. His few supporters welcomed him with smiles and warmth. However, their felicitations were not to last long, as Sowore was rearrested by the DSS the following morning. That sparked a media outrage that was so big in magnitude, it reached the shores of the US and other Western democracies.

The DSS said they rearrested Sowore because he continued to remain a threat to Nigeria’s relatively young and fragile democracy. It is hard to believe the DSS determined this merely 12 hours of Sowore being free, but it honestly doesn’t matter. Anyone with a brain, which most Leftists don’t have, would agree that the journalist should have never been released.

Calling for a peaceful protest is one thing, and that is permissible under Nigerian law. But it is an entirely different ballgame to call for violence and anarchy, and it’s even more disturbing when the convener is a failed presidential candidate.

Omoyele Sowore, much like Hilary Clinton, refused to fade away after he lost the election. The difference is, Clinton was a Secretary of State who knew that threatening the government or the FBI was off limits. Sowore, though a respected publisher and journalist, just wasn’t smart enough to avoid saying words on camera that could and did lead to his detention.

The Nigerian Government, which is known to be unreliable and rife with corruption, did the right thing here. In a country terribly divided along ethnic and religious lines, the last thing anyone would want is a violent overthrow of the government.

Our readers might ask, why should we care about what happens in Nigeria? Well, most of you are against illegal migration, and Nigerian citizens are among the largest population of illegal migrants anywhere in the world. Just last year alone, 30,000 of them came on visitor’s visas to the US and refused to leave. And there are 200 million more where that came from.

If rogue and insane journalists like Sowore are allowed to destabilize such an importantly populous country, Africa is doomed. And if Africa is doomed, it wouldn’t take too long for them to drag us into their mess, just like the Middle East did. And look how well that has gone.

Sowore must remain in custody, and the Nigerian government must continue to remove and detain, to the fullest extent of the law, anyone and everyone who calls for a chaotic uprising in the country.

And most importantly, senators such as Cory Booker and Bob Menendez should stay far away from Nigerian politics. We don’t need to meddle in the affairs of more countries, and we certainly don’t need to get pulled into another war, which may or may not be brewing in Africa’s largest democracy.