Liberals Should Not Be Allowed To Raise Kids As “Gender-Neutral”

People with liberal ideologies have vehemently advocated for inclusivity and representation, even in cases where neither of those things make any sense. They wanted gay marriage legalized, and the Supreme Court gave it to them in 2015. Ever since, people have been allowed to identify as several things, and there are now over sixty genders. But liberals are still not satisfied. They now want children to be raised as gender-neutral.

Ari Dennis, a woman from Florida, identifies as “non-gender binary,” whatever the heck that means. Since she looks and talks like a woman, I will use female pronouns for her in this post.

This morning, she told Good Morning Britain that she decided to raise her kids as gender-neutral. She calls her one year old child a “they-by” instead of a “baby”. The child’s name is Sparrow.

“We do not know what Sparrow’s gender is yet and, as regards to their anatomy, we choose to keep that secret except for a small list of caregivers,” Ari said.

Ari also claimed that her other child, Hazel, chose to identify as “non-binary” at four years old.

It is strange that Ari believes a four year old understands the concepts of gender and sexuality. Is it a coincidence that Hazel chose to identify as non-binary, given that her mother also identifies as non-binary?

Thankfully, the interviewers were also not buying Ari’s nonsense, and when they called her out on her decision, she answered by asking the question:

“Isn’t it toxic that at two you’re telling someone you’re a boy because of their anatomy?”

I offer my heartfelt condolences to Ari’s poor kids. They will grow up with immense confusion and frustration about who they really are. Instead of allowing children to just be children, some liberals choose to indoctrinate them with foolish world views that have no scientific backing.

Apart from the damage done to children, the liberal proselytism of several genders and sexualities has also become a menace to our society. After gay marriage was legalized, liberals started pushing for gay people to be included in everything, particularly in Congress. And because of the insanity of identity politics, liberals also began to advocate for more women and Muslims in Congress. They have thrown the entire concept of merit out of the window, and they vote for people based on identity alone. The result is a Congress that is filled with clueless people, often from the Democratic Party.