Liberals Complain About The White Male Democratic Candidates

You know, I used to believe that liberals simply hated white conservative men. Apparently, I was wrong, and I can now boldly say that liberals hate all white men, period.

Some Democrats have attacked the media for giving too much attention to the white men who are running for office. They are asking why women and people of color are not given the same treatment.

Mary Anne Marsh, a Democratic political consultant, complained in particular about the excessive media attention given to Beto O’Rourke and Bernie Sanders. She said:

“I feel like the media is always captivated by the person they seem to think is a phenom — Bernie, Trump, Beto. But they always seem to be white men who are phenoms. In a year where we have more choices than ever, more women and more persons of color than ever, none of them seem to be deemed a phenom.”

Another Democratic strategist, Celinda Lake, complained about the female candidates receiving the most negative comments.

“I think if you look at the pattern, there is a real distinction between the way men were covered and the way the women were covered. There’s a huge double standard,” Lake said. “With women, many, many more negatives were raised and the men were treated like the second coming. I’m surprised that this is continuing in 2019, after the year of the woman.”


Republican or Democrat, it makes sense that the most popular candidates would receive the most media attention. And this is exactly what is happening — Bernie and Beto are far more popular than any of the women or persons of color in the Democratic party. In a normal world where common sense prevails, this should not be a problem. But some liberals have shoved identity politics so far up their butts that they cannot even utilize common sense to win an election. And when they lose, they will start to cry about a Russian Hoax.

In any case, this is good news for us. While the Democrats are fighting over identity politics, Donald Trump is working to ensure a smooth victory in 2020.