Liberal Hypocritical Logic: Abortion VS Guns

Many of the people screaming for abortion rights are also asking for guns to be “controlled” or flat out banned. We’ve all heard pro-abortion folks say things like, “if abortion is banned, it would still be happening, but it would be unsafe.” Allow me to break it you, dear snowflakes; that argument makes no sense. A crime is inherently an action that is not allowed under the law. The fact that something is a crime does not automatically mean people would abstain from it; it only means there would be punishments when such actions are committed.

Liberals want legal and taxpayer-funded abortions because they are scared of the illegal, unsafe and botched abortions that would ensue if abortion is criminalized. It is interesting that liberals say the exact opposite when it comes to guns. Each time there is a mass shooting, they [liberals] come out in treasure troves and screech like crazy banshees. They demand strict gun control legislation since they believe it is the sole way to prevent shootings. But by their abortion logic, if guns are banned, people would only access guns through illegal and unsafe means. The end result would be more shootings.

In other words, we cannot decriminalize an action simply because people are committing said action. If we follow the liberal logic, then there should be no crimes, and nothing should be illegal. When next somebody tells you that “abortion should be legal because people would still do it otherwise”, reply such a person by saying, “Murder should be legal because people still commit murder.” I bet the liberals’ faces would sink when they hear that.

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