Liberal “Diversity” Causes More Harm Than Good: An Ilhan Omar Case Study

Over the past couple of weeks, there has been so much attention on some members of the new Congress of the United States. There are forty-two (42) women and twenty-four (24) people of color who were elected to Congress in November last year. Most of them were liberals, and their only qualifications were the right skin color (black or brown) and gender (female). It is not news that Democrats live and breathe identity politics. But if they keep electing people who are completely void of any political sense, the country would quickly descend into (further) chaos.

For example, Democrats elected Ilhan Omar, whose only qualification was being a Muslim Black Woman. She basically checked all the “diversity” boxes, and sadly, this is the only thing Democrats/Liberals care about. This woman was a proven anti-Semite long before she ever dreamed of running for congress. In 2012, she infamously said, “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel.” I find it extremely funny that she prays to Allah in that tweet. It is the same Allah in whose name gays are being thrown off rooftops, and Omar has said nothing about that. It is the same Allah in whose name Christians are being beheaded, and Omar has said nothing about that. It is the same Allah in whose name Saudi Arabia oppresses outspoken women like Omar, and she still hasn’t said anything about it. But the liberals who elected Omar didn’t care about any of that. In this era where many people have a delusional inclusivity mindset, being female, black and Muslim was enough for Omar to be elected and sent to Washington.

But going to Washington does not change who you really are. In less than three weeks, Ilhan Omar has made some of the most vile anti-Semitic comments by anyone in Congress. She claimed that Israel was buying off American politicians, and when she was overwhelmingly criticized, she issued a fake apology. Yet, because antisemitism runs deep in her veins, she couldn’t resist making another offensive remark which played into the trope of Jewish Americans being disloyal to the U.S. because of their attachments to Israel. This is what happens when somebody is given political authority simply because of the person’s gender or skin color or religion.

We do not need more minorities in Congress. We don’t need more women or people of color or Muslims representing us. The fact that someone is from a repressed group in the society should not make them eligible for any governmental/political position. The only thing that should matter is that they are qualified for the job. This sounds obvious, but the Democrats must be constantly reminded, since they have exalted identity politics over common sense.