Kamala Harris: A #MeToo Hypocrite

As is typical of many liberals in Washington, Presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris is a chameleon when it comes to the #MeToo movement. She has ranted several times about “fighting for women” during her career as a prosecutor. One might remember the infamous Kavanaugh hearings, where this same Kamala praised the accuser, Doctor Christine Ford, for her “courage” in speaking up. Dr. Ford had no evidence, and her story was laden with so many inconsistencies that even a toddler would have doubts. Yet, Kamala vehemently believed her.

After the above paragraph, you would think Kamala would be the first to drop everything she is doing and immediately run to the aid of “survivors.” Well, no. According to Elizabeth Vaughn, Kamala’s handpicked Director of Law Enforcement at the California Department of Justice, Larry Williams, was sued for sexual assault. Apparently, he had violated his executive assistant, and unlike Dr. Ford, the assistant’s claims were real. So much so that Mr. Williams had to pay her $400,000. And what did Kamala do? Nothing. The almighty, women-defending Kamala did absolutely nothing.

She was recently interviewed by the Sacramento Bee, and this was how she addressed the situation:

“I did not know about that case, but I will tell you that it makes the point that no office is immune. I have been a fighter for women’s rights and — for my entire career. I have fought for women who have been abused. I have fought for women who have been harassed, and I will always be a fighter for women’s rights.”

Okay, so she still sounds like the cliche liberal SJW who always claims to be “a fighter for women’s rights.” But then, Kamala was asked if she had reached out to this “survivor”, and here was her response:

“In this specific case, I have not talked to the victim.”

Umm, why on earth would you not have spoken to the victim, Kamala? What happened to your primal, defend-all-women instincts? This victim is a certified “survivor”, and Kamala won’t even speak to her. But this does not come as a surprise. In a world full of SJWs, most of whom are nearly deranged, we are bound to encounter hypocrisy on every street. Kamala does not care about women or survivors. Kamala only cares for Kamala. During the Kavanaugh hearings, Kamala believed Dr. Ford because it was the politically correct thing to do as a liberal. Yes, Dr. Ford lied and lied, but even if her story was true, Kamala would have feigned sympathy. And this is what the Democratic Party has been reduced to: a haven for hypocritical snowflakes who exalt political correctness and identity politics over common sense and strong policies.

And this is why people like Kamala Harris do not stand a chance in 2020. She might as well throw her campaign money into a furnace of fire.