Julian Castro Wants The U.S. To Write A Check For Descendants Of Slaves

On an interview with CNN this morning, Democrat Presidential candidate, Julian Castro, said he wants the U.S. to write a check for all the descendants of slaves. He referenced Bernie Sanders’ tuition and medicare for all rhetoric and said:

“It is interesting to me that when it comes to medicare for all, the response has been, “we need to write a big check,” and when it comes to tuition free or debt free college, the answer has been, “we need to write a big check.” So if the issue is compensating the descendants of slaves, I don’t think the argument about writing a big check ought to be the argument you make if you want a big check to be written for a whole bunch of other stuff.”

Julian Castro also used the constitution to buttress his point. He said, “If, under the Constitution, we compensate people because we take their property, why wouldn’t you compensate people who actually were property?”

Why does the Left love to dwell on the past? It makes zero sense, and it is absolutely not plausible for the United States to write a check for every descendant of every slave.

The Democrats have truly lost their minds.