Ilhan Omar Did Not Pay Attention During House Vote Condemning Anti-Semitism

After Ilhan Omar said some offensive anti-Semitic things, the House voted two weeks ago to condemn anti-Semitism and other forms of bigotry. They never mentioned her name in the resolution, but it was clearly done in response to her. Still, many people believed the entire resolution was a charade since Ilhan Omar was not chastised or punished by the House Democrats.

Apparently, even Omar believed the whole thing was a farce. Sources say that she sat at the back and laughed while the vote was going on. She was also playing with her phone and paying little attention to the vote. I cannot say that I am surprised. Omar must have known she would go scot-free, hence her lack of attention. But she could have at least faked being sorry. Laughing and playing with her phone during the vote was a further slap on the face of all of the Jews in this country and abroad.

Still, there is a slight possibility that Omar might be a one term congresswoman. As we reported last week, some Democrats from Minnesota are considering a replacement for her congressional seat.

Also, some Jewish activists who visited Nancy Pelosi last week asked that she remove Omar from certain House committees. However, Nancy declined.

Since the House Democrats like to pride themselves as the party of “love” and “acceptance”, they should be swift to condemn a hateful member of their own party. Their unwillingness to do anything to Ilhan Omar further proves that the Democrats/liberals in this country should not be taken seriously.