Gay Couple Wants To Force A Catholic School To Accept Their Kid

Some liberals just love to make headlines. In Prairie Village, Kansas City, a gay couple is trying to enroll their kid in St. Ann Catholic School. Obviously, this is a big problem for the school, considering the fact that Catholic teachings do not support gay marriage or homosexual behavior.

The obvious question anyone would ask is, why would a gay couple try to enroll their kid in a Catholic school? The only reasonable explanation is that those parents are attention whores who want to create controversy and headlines. It is insane that many liberals expect everyone else to bend their own beliefs in favor of some “progressive” lifestyles.

The Archdiocese where the school is located gave a beautiful response to those parents.

“Marriage is considered the building block of the family, of society, and the heart of the Church. The Church’s teaching on marriage is clear and is not altered by the laws of civil society. The decision of the Supreme Court to grant marital status to same-sex unions does not change Church doctrine on marriage,” the archdiocese said in a statement.


The Archdiocese has taken a bold step by sticking to the Church’s principles and ignoring the rants from liberals. The child of the gay couple will NOT be allowed into the school.

Thanks to the Supreme Court, gay people can get married, and that is fine. But why do they try to shove their homosexual lifestyle down everyone’s throat? They host useless parades every year, they have a whole month dedicated to them, and now, they want Catholic schools to welcome them with open arms.

In moments like this, we are reminded of the infamous gay couple that sued a business owner for refusing to bake them a wedding cake. The matter was taken all the way to the Supreme Court, and thankfully, the gays lost. It is incredibly stupid that the LGBT community is trying to force everyone else to give up their own personal beliefs and convictions in favor of gays and lesbians.

And this stupidity keeps getting worse. Earlier today, we reported that people in Canada can now go to jail for using the wrong pronouns on a transgender person. We should not allow our government to restrict free speech and business autonomy in favor of the feelings of LGBT folks.