Following New York Abortion Law, Teen Parents Murder Their Newborn Baby

When New York passed their law allowing for newborn babies to be killed, we said it would come to this. Foolish liberals said we were exaggerating, but now it’s happening.

Two weeks ago, a woman named Jada McClain gave birth to a boy in her bathroom. McClain is 18 years old. After cleaning the newborn, she pressed on his chest until he died.

Yes, you read that right. She killed her son who was only a few minutes old.

After the murder, McClain called her boyfriend and baby daddy, 19-year-old Quaimere Mohammed. She told Mohammed she had killed their baby.

McClain wrapped the baby’s body in a blanket and tossed it into a bag. She left the corpse in the backseat of her car and went to spend some time at the beach with Mohammed.

Later that day, they found a dumpster and threw the dead baby inside.

The Asbury Park Police Department acquired surveillance footage of McClain pulling up to the dumpster around 9 a.m. Mohammed was seen tossing the bag containing the baby into the receptacle.

Last Wednesday, McClain appeared in court. Can you guess her lawyer’s defense?

The lawyer argued McClain was frightened and could not afford an abortion. Apparently, being unable to afford an abortion is a reasonable excuse for murder.

This is what happens when Democrats pass evil abortion laws that allow children to be killed after they are born. For now, McClain is facing first-degree Murder as well as second-degree Disturbing or Desecrating Human Remains. But what happens as New York’s infanticide law begins to take effect? Perhaps people like McClain would be allowed to go scot-free.

This is absolutely disgusting, and I don’t know how we arrived here as a country.