Fathers Should Have A Say In Abortions

Liberal women like to scream, “My body, my choice.” That statement is almost as dumb as the people who say it during every abortion debate. Having a body does not and should not give you full rights over everything that comes in contact with you. For example, if an unwanted human being holds you firmly in an embrace, you cannot kill that person and then say “my body, my choice.” You will be charged with murder. A human life is sacred, and it should always supersede bodily autonomy.

But irrespective of whether one is pro-life or pro-choice, common sense should dictate that the current abortion laws are heavily in favor of women. This is almost funny, especially when we hear those hypocrite feminists say “feminism is equality.” There is no equality in a woman having literal power over a man’s emotions and finances. As it is right now, thanks to the cursed Roe V Wade ruling, a woman can get an abortion without any input from the baby’s father. Even if the man desperately wants the child born, the laws have ensured that any abortion decisions rest solely in the court of the woman. This is highly unfair, considering the man is forced to pay child support should the woman choose to have the baby. It is also unfair, considering the women gets custody in most cases, and a man has to go through the courts to get visitation rights.

In China, a law was passed in 2002 which made the man equal to the woman when an abortion decision is to be made. A Chinese man can sue his partner if she goes on with an abortion without his knowledge. But here in the United States, liberal females — who love to play the victim card — have convinced our equally daft legislators that a father has no rights at all. Where is the equality? All of the laws in this nation favor women, and yet, not a day goes by without women on the left crying about discrimination.

If the law remains as is, then men should not be required to pay child support for 18 years should the woman decide to have the baby. Since a man’s input is not needed for the baby to be killed or brought into the world, then his money should not be needed to take care of the baby. If it is really her body, her choice, then it should also be her choice, her money.

Her Body, Her Choice, Her money.