Elizabeth Warren’s Campaign Is Failing To Raise Money

Democratic presidential hopeful Elizabeth Warren has run into a bit of a wall in campaign financing. After swearing not to accept money from big donors, Warren’s financial director quit, claiming that there’s nothing left for him to do on a campaign with no money. I find it funny that she’s not president yet and people are already bailing on her.

The story, via the NYT:

On a Sunday afternoon earlier this month, Senator Elizabeth Warren began a swing through the South by proclaiming that she was running “a different type of campaign” — one that did not include high-dollar fund-raisers but was entirely reliant on grass-roots contributions.

“If you think that’s a good idea, go to ElizabethWarren.com,” she told about 500 people at a town hall-style event in Memphis, adding: “Pitch in five bucks, do whatever you can.”

The next morning she woke up to some news about a surge in small-dollar contributions, but it wasn’t for her: Former Representative Beto O’Rourke had raised $6.1 million in the first 24 hours of his candidacy.

It was another blow to a candidate who has spent the first months of the Democratic presidential primary campaign seeking to distinguish herself from the field: she was the first major candidate to announce; she has set the pace on policy, unveiling a series of far-reaching proposals on child care, taxes and the role of large technology companies; and she defied the pleas of her longtime finance director and declared that she would stop pursuing big donations altogether, leading to his resignation.

This should be a lesson to the swamp on the Left, and I think this would be reminiscent of any Democrat presidency. They would attempt to change the rules of the game with their crazy policies from hell, and the result would be complete and utter chaos.

Let’s see if Elizabeth Warren would become desperate enough to run to big donors with her tail between her legs.