Elizabeth Warren Is Against Due Process For Guns

Last night, Elizabeth Warren held a townhall with CNN, and she had a lot to say on her policies. As usual, she depicted herself as the best candidate for 2020. But one of the things that struck me as odd is her unwillingness to follow the law and due process when it comes to guns. She said she would be revoking the gun rights of anyone put on a terror watchlist.

For those who may not know, the terror watchlist does not consist of people who have been found guilty of committing an act of terror. The people on the watchlist are people whom the government suspects are dangerous for any reason. In other words, if the government wrongly believes you pose a threat to society, you will not be allowed to have guns.

I think it is crystal clear that a government led by the Democrats would abuse Warren’s proposal of banning guns for people on the watchlist. They would falsely put gun owners on the watchlist in order to take their guns away and ban them from getting more guns. And let us remember that there have been several cases when people have been banned from getting on flights because they were mistaken for someone else who was on the watchlist.

You don’t have to be a genius to realize that this is a socialist way of banning guns and giving the government more authority over our lives. It is a bold infringement on the second amendment. This is what the Democrats want, and we must not allow it.