Democrats Would Soon Decriminalize Pedophilia

It is no longer news that the left has completely lost its mind. But when they start dreaming up scenarios wherein pedophilia is not a crime, their insanity reaches a whole other level. A recent post on Slate posed the question: should pedophilia be treated as a mental illness or punished as a crime? They made that article in reference to Michael Jackson and his many criminal charges for child molestation. If it were a conservative, white man who molested several boys, would liberals even consider it to be a mental illness? It is interesting that these are the same people who yell at the top of their lungs about Catholic Priests who abuse church boys. And although the liberal double standards come as no surprise, relegating a criminal behavior to a mental one is a fresh type of madness.

For liberals, this is what it means to be progressive. They simply want things to be different, even in cases where there is no wisdom in changing the already established order. They want laws changed simply because the laws were from a different century, even when the laws are still relevant in this era. This liberal mentality is both shallow and stupid. They did it with the LGBT folks and now they openly accept the mutilation of one’s self because of a “mental illness” and bodily autonomy. Even worse, in some cases, they want taxpayers to fund this degeneracy.

The Slate article claims that the medical roots of pedophiles is ambiguous, and “the binary choice is an oversimplification.” In other words, people can be attracted to both adults and children. Again, this is what they said about homosexuals, and now, homosexuality is very legal and encouraged in the country. The liberals are setting a precedent for a not too distant future where it wouldn’t be a crime to sexually abuse children. They would remand both the pedophiles and the children to mental facilities for sexual realignment and therapy respectively. In what “progressive” world does it make sense for a criminal and a victim to be given the same treatment?

But again, we are talking about liberals, who are people known to be battling the left-wing disease. They claim to be “sophisticated enough to embrace this ambiguity.” So where does their “sophistication” end? Reducing the country to a place that is completely void of morality and human decency is not sophistication. Instead, it is a disease that can only be eradicated when liberals are removed from every government office and not allowed to make any decisions, either political or moral.

But if Democrats/liberals insist that pedophilia might be a mental illness, I wonder if they would say the same thing about rape. Maybe they would become “sophisticated” enough to accept rape impulses to be mental problems. Maybe this whole #MeToo delusion would fade into utmost oblivion, and every man guilty of rape would be sent to a psychiatric hospital instead of prison.