Democrats Would Completely Get Rid of Guns If Given The Chance

It is no secret that Democrats hate guns almost as much as they hate Trump. But for the most part, they have remained dubiously subtle in the way they present their messages on gun control. We have all heard many liberals say that guns should not be banned, but there should be stricter background checks before allowing someone to buy a gun. Democratic Presidential Hopeful, Kamala Harris, said she wants to keep Americans safe by enforcing strong gun laws. She said, ÔÇťAssault weapons shouldn’t be walking the streets of a civilized country. We should have universal background checks.” She also claimed to be a supporter of the second amendment.

I hope no sane person actually believes that liberals support the right to bear arms. Since campaign season is underway, Democrats would say anything and everything to steal as many votes as possible from Donald Trump. But if given the chance, they would completely take guns away, like they are already trying to do in Hawaii. The Democrat-led government recently passed a resolution asking for Congress to get rid of the Second Amendment or amend it such that the right to bear arms is no longer an individual right but a state right. In other words, the State of Hawaii wants to have the power to choose who gets to have a gun.

Again, this should come as no surprise, since Democrats in general want to have absolute control over the lives of everyone. This resolution from Hawaii is a testament to the Left’s unhinged commitment to reducing this nation to a Communist State. And although it is highly unlikely that the Supreme Court would approve such a resolution, let us assume for a second that it were the case. If the Democrats can choose who gets a gun, who will they choose? Who would be banned? Some of them, like Kamala Harris, may ask for background checks for everyone, but we know it would be a charade. The Democrats already know the people they won’t allow to have guns — white, conservative men. Over and over again, liberals have demonstrated their hatred for white men, and they have often branded them terrorists. If Hawaii somehow convinces the Supreme Court to amend the Second Amendment, it would be almost impossible for a white man to get a gun, and a new breed of racism would ensue.

The true lovers of this country must remain vigilant, otherwise, our rights and personal liberties would be handed over to the government. And if that government is led by the Democrats, the chaos that would follow would be of insane proportions.