Democrats Go After Barron Trump

Some “respected” Democrats in Ohio have allowed their hatred for Donald Trump to go off the rails. Common sense should dictate that the president’s thirteen-year-old son should be off limits, but Democrats who lack any form of decency could not stop themselves from insulting Barron.

Ellen Connally is a former Cuyahoga County Council President in Ohio, and she was also a Cleveland Municipal Court judge for over two decades. Last night, she was apparently angry at the Trump administration’s proposed cut in special Olympics funding.

“Trump kills funds for special Olympics. Barron may need it someday,” Connally said.

In other words, she is implying that Barron may have some intellectual or physical disabilities either now or in the future. This idea was later reiterated by a fellow Democratic Judge in Ohio by the name of Jocelyn Conwell.

“I’ve heard from a reliable source that his kid does have special needs. He attended some school in Maryland. Haven’t you noticed how you hardly ever see this kid, and he never says anything,” Judge Conwell said.

Notice how Conwell says she heard from a “reliable source.” Could it be CNN or MSNBC? They too love to use “reliable” or “anonymous” sources when spouting useless and untrue opinions.

It is bizarre that some Democrats expect a thirteen-year-old to be on cameras all the time. Barron’s father is the politician and not him, and it makes no sense to expect to hear anything from Barron. It is simply foolish to equate Barron’s private lifestyle to being a teenager with special needs.

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  1. She’s despicable; but it’s a practice among Democrats to USE children for their own ends; she should be figuratively thrown into a dumpster.

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