Democratic Candidate Says Illegal Migrants Should Be Given Social Security

Democratic presidential candidate Kirsten Gillibrand said illegal aliens should be allowed into the social security system in addition to being given amnesty. She said we need “comprehensive immigration reform” and illegals should have a pathway to citizenship.

During a townhall hosted by MSNB two days ago, Gillibrand also said illegal immigration was not a security issue. She said:

“In our best moments, we have not been afraid of immigrants, but in our worst moments, we have. We have a statue of liberty standing in New York harbor with that beacon of light and hope, saying, “send us your tired and your hungry, send us your hurdled masses yearning to breathe free.” “

In other words, Gillibrand wants everyone from everywhere to come into the United States for a better life. A lot of Democrats share this mentality, and it does not make sense when we consider the other things that Democrats stand for. For example, most Democrats are against every institution that creates wealth in the country — they hate large corporations, they hate capitalism, and they want higher taxes. Yet, they want more people entering the country in treasure troves. How would these immigrants feed and provide for themselves and their families when capitalism is destroyed and socialism is embraced? How would they survive when the tax rates are exorbitant and employers are forced to lay off workers? You don’t need to be a genius to realize that this Democratic mathematics cannot work.

Also, the Democrats want to give free healthcare and free college to everyone. Yet, they want more people to come into the country almost unrestricted. They basically want the United States to take care of the medical bills and education of anyone in the world who would manage to arrive here. This is retarded to say the least.

Gillibrand went on to proclaim her hatred for ICE. “I believe that it [ICE] has become a deportation force. We should get rid of it, start over, re-imagine it and build something that actually works.”

Kirsten Gillibrand is currently at the bottom of the Democratic polls. She has less than 1% of support from voters.