Delusional Stacey Abrams Claims She Won The Georgia Election

Yes, she is delusional indeed. According to ABC news, Abrams said, “I did win my election. I just didn’t get to have the job.”

Abrams went on to say that she was never going to concede defeat to Governor Brian Kemp. She has accused Kemp several times of suppressing black and democratic votes by removing polling units in predominantly black areas.

This month, failed Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton also espoused the Georgia voter suppression myth. She said:

“We know, don’t we, that candidates both black and white lost their races because they had been deprived of the votes they otherwise would have gotten. And the clearest example is from Georgia. Stacey Abrams should be governor, leading that state right now.”

It is becoming quite the trend for Democrats/liberals to not accept election defeat. They could not accept the fact that Hillary lost the election in 2016, so they manufactured the Russian hoax as a coping mechanism.

If the Democrats were smart, and many of them are not, they would sit down and think about why people are not voting for them. Instead of blaming their losses on voter suppression and foreign influence, they could come up with stronger policies that would appeal to voters.

Most people don’t want identity politics, socialism and gun bans, but these are the things Democrats stand for. And until they address their terrible policies, they would keep losing — and they would keep blaming others for their losses.