Crazy Bernie Calls For Ban On Second Amendment

After the attack on a Mosque in New Zealand last week, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern announced a ban on guns in the country.

“Today I am announcing that New Zealand will ban all military-style semi-automatic weapons. We will also ban all assault rifles. We will also ban all high capacity magazines. We will ban all parts with the ability to convert semi-automatic or any other type of firearm into a military-style semi-automatic weapon.”

These new bans are effective immediately. This should be none of our business since this is taking place on the other side of the globe. Except not.

Democratic Presidential Candidate Bernie Sanders has asked for the same thing to be done in the United States. In response to the ban in New Zealand, Bernie said:

“This is what real action to stop gun violence looks like. We must follow New Zealand’s lead, take on the NRA and ban the sale and distribution of assault weapons in the United States.”

Going by the specifics of the New Zealand ban, Bernie Sanders is basically asking that every firearm in the United States should be banned. In other words, Crazy Bernie is asking us to screw the constitution and surrender our weapons. It is absurd that a sitting Senator and a Presidential candidate would openly ask for the violation of the constitutional rights of the citizens of the United States.

I guess we shouldn’t be so surprised. After all, Crazy Bernie is a socialist, and oppression of the common man is one of the tenets of socialism. The first step in total governmental control is to disarm the people so they have no means of fighting back.

New Zealand can ban assault rifles on the spot because they don’t have the right to bear arms enshrined in their constitution (they don’t even have a constitution). The same thing cannot be done in the United States. And if Bernie Sanders does not know this, perhaps he should retire from politics and public service.

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  1. Any politician that feels they know better than our founding fathers and tries to abolish our amendments should receive the ultimate penalty

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