Confused AOC Complains About Senate Vote On Green New Deal

AOC has officially gone crazy. She proposed the stupid Green New Deal legislation, and now, the Senate has decided to vote on it. You would think she would be happy that the Senate is considering her bill. But no, she is salty. She said on twitter:

“Stop wasting the American peoples’ time + learn to govern. Our jobs aren’t for campaigning, & that’s exactly what these bluff-votes are for.”

So let me get this straight. She is unhappy that the Senate wants to vote on a bill she proposed? If she didn’t want the Senate to vote on the Green New Deal, then why did she propose it? I guess I shouldn’t be surprised. She probably has no idea how the legislative branch of government works. This is what happens when liberals elect an inexperienced socialist bartender from the Bronx.

The Green New Deal is almost as dumb as the person who proposed it. The legislation would get rid of airplanes and cows. Basically, everybody in the country would be forced into a state of vegetarianism. And if you have studied the bill for even five minutes, you would know that it is the fastest way to completely destroy the economy.

Sometimes, you just have to wonder: did AOC really think anyone was going to take this bill seriously? Still, the Senate wants to do its job and vote on it, but she still complains. If AOC doesn’t want the Senate voting on a bill, then perhaps she should not propose it in the first place.

Someone needs to sit her down and remind her that she’s no longer serving drinks in a bar. Someone needs to teach her about how Congress really works.

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  1. THIS graduated from what was once one of America’s finest universities !
    What a shame we have allowed ourselves to fall to this level.

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