CNN Blames Fox News For New Zealand Terror Attack

CNN, the failing neo-liberal media outlet, has taken its foolishness to a whole other level. Last week, its chief international correspondent Christine Amanpour infamously asked James Comey whether “lock her up” should be classified as hate speech. Clearly, Amanpour wants free speech to be limited, which is the end goal of proponents of socialism.

Nevertheless, Amanpour is not done with her crazy rhetoric. Yesterday, she blamed the New Zealand shootings on Fox News, a direct competition that is murdering CNN in ratings.

The details from Newsbusters:

On Thursday’s edition of her CNN/PBS show, Amanpour invited on theNew York Times’ Jonathan Mahler and James Rutenberg to promote their three-part investigative piece on Rupert Murdoch and indict Fox News as an “anti-immigrant” network that spewed the kind of “ethno-nationalist agenda” that stoked the New Zealand mosque shooter.

After reading an excerpt from their story, Amanpour prompted Mahler to expound on Murdoch-owned networks’ “vilifying people of color at home” and “abroad.”

Mahler responded: “What’s happening now on Fox News…is this…kind of ethno-nationalist agenda…which you can also see at their outlet in Australia, Sky News Australia….where they’ve effectively recreated Fox News during prime time and are pushing the same sort of anti-immigrant sentiments.”

Amanpour then drew a direct line from Fox to the New Zealand shooting: “I have to…point out right now….the danger of this kind of activity. Because this Sky After Dark program that you’re talking about….one could say, well, look, what happened? It was an Australian who went to New Zealand and massacred 50 people in two mosques.”

While we have no affiliation with Fox News, we are lovers of common sense. When Fox news journalists ask for immigration laws to be obeyed, it is not an “ethno-nationalist agenda”. It is also not racist or xenophobic to ask that immigrants come into the country legally. When would the crazy people on the Left understand this?

It is insane that a news outlet would blame a mass murder of 50 people on its competition. CNN has failed and continues to fail because Americans (including many liberals) are tired of being lied to on a daily basis. CNN cannot continue to spread fake news everyday using unconfirmed and anonymous sources and still expect people to continue watching. Trying to link Fox News to a terror attack would definitely not help CNN’s dire ratings.

CNN and other mainstream media outlets dug their own graves. Now it’s time for them to rest in pieces.