Black Lives Matter Activists Go Too Far

Last weekend in Salt Lake City, Utah, a fundraiser was held to honor and help the families of law enforcement officials who died in the line of duty. It was a solemn environment and many widows shared touching stories about their brave late husbands who were policemen. But some people were not too happy about the event.

Outside the venue, some “activists” for the Black Lives Matter movement were protesting and causing chaos. How can you set up a mass protest at an event that is supposed to honor the people who died while protecting us? That makes no sense, and those protesters went too far.

A high school student, who is a daughter of a policeman, said that her teachers in school often berate policemen while teaching. Apparently, teachers are teaching students that white police officers hate people of color. And this is exactly how liberal movements such as Black Lives Matter create further division in the country.


I am not oblivious to the fact that there have been some unfortunate encounters between members of law enforcement and people of color. Nevertheless, we cannot negate the sacrifices that police officers make on a daily basis.

People need to be taught to respect and honor those who are willing to literally die for the rest of us. And even if you can’t say appreciative things about police officers, at least you should not attack or demean them.