Bernie Sanders: The Presidential Santa Claus

Ho, Ho, Ho! The presidential Santa Claus arrives with a truckload of socialist gifts. Free healthcare, free education, free everything. Yes, Santa is a 77 year old white man, and he happens to be running for President of the United States. He is also the foremost person in the Democratic party; he managed to raise over $6 million for his campaign in 24 hours. This means Crazy Bernie would most likely be the one to challenge Donald Trump in 2020. And he would lose just like Hillary lost.

Bernie has described himself as a socialist, and that alone should discourage rational people from voting for him. To put it blankly, socialism is a societal malignant cancer. It attacks every institution in the country and slowly destroys them. It has never worked, and it would never work. Bernie wants to become an executive Robin Hood who robs the rich to pay the poor. In a country as large and diverse as the U.S., that would never work.

Crazy Bernie wants the wealth of the country to be shared equally among everyone. And while his equally crazy supporters are chanting his name and giving their money to him, there is a looming question which they are all avoiding. How do you collect money from those who are already wealthy? The ignorant, close-minded liberal answer would be “raise taxes!” But many liberals are not known to be rational, for a rational person would know that exorbitant taxes can only hurt a nation. The world has become a global technological village, and there are many countries that are very welcoming to big businesses. When taxes are ridiculously increased, several billion-dollar corporations would move their operations to saner capitalist climes, and the downward spiral of the economy would begin. If and when that happens, how much wealth would be left for Santa Bernie to give to everyone?

There is also the fundamental problem of socialism. For citizens to have access to freebies, there must be an administrating party, and this would be the Government. Socialism gives absolute power to the government, and absolute power would always breed corruption and greed. No matter how nice Santa Claus seems, he still chooses who and who not to give gifts. The government is then free to do whatever they want, however they want. And it would be delusional to believe candidates would not serve their own selfish and political interests when elected. The kind of power socialism gives to the government is what leads to oppression as seen in many countries like China and Venezuela.

Santa Bernie believes the way to reduce poverty is to collect money from those who have worked hard for their wealth. His supporters love freebies, so they would back such ideologies. But the way to reduce poverty is to enact policies that produce strong job markets and promote innovation. This can only be done in a free and capitalistic environment. Instead of making people work for their living, Bernie’s socialist policies would have people living on food stamps and leeching off the hard work of taxpayers.

Still, many of Bernie’s followers are youths who like the idea of an increased minimum wage and free college. It is sad to see this same people donating the money they claim not to have to somebody who has no idea what he is talking about. If Bernie wins — although it is almost impossible — his socialist views would reduce personal liberty, increase regulations and weaken the borders.

When someone says, “I am going to make everything free”, a sane person should ask: “How?” How does Bernie propose an increase in minimum wage and free healthcare without resulting in over-inflation? How would these socialist programs be financed and sustained in a country with a national debt of $22 trillion? We don’t hear Bernie’s supporters asking these questions. They simply fall and drool at the sound of “free everything!”

The best way to boost an economy is to create more wealth, and not reshuffle it.