Anti-Semitic Ilhan Omar Blames Border Crisis On Racism

These past few days have seen even some Democrats admit there is a great crisis at the southern border. However, someone like Ilhan Omar chooses to maintain her delusions by claiming the border crisis is just a racist tactic.

“This is a fake emergency,” Omar proclaimed. “Donald Trump is lying about the border in order to build his monument to racism.”

Isn’t it crazy that someone as hateful and anti-Semitic as Ilhan Omar dares to accuse Donald Trump of racism? We must not forget that Omar also said the emergency at the border was due to “white nationalism.”

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Omar is unable to address issues using facts and figures. After all, she is a Democrat, and Democrats are not known for using common sense.

However, even some Democrats are beginning to accept that things are bad at the border. Obama‚Äôs former DHS secretary Jeh Johnson said “we are truly in a crisis” because 4000 illegal migrants were apprehended in one day.

As unreliable and fake as CNN is, they too are beginning to describe the border situation as an emergency.

So what the heck is Ilhan Omar saying? It is high time for Democrats like Omar to stop blaming everything on racism and white nationalism. Their tired trope of perpetual victimhood would no longer have a place in American politics.