Amy Klobuchar Blames Trump For New Zealand Attack

Democratic candidate, Amy Klobuchar joins the list of insane people who have indirectly blamed the New Zealand Muslim massacre on Donald Trump. On an interview with CNN this morning, Klobuchar was asked if she agreed that Trump was partly responsible for the New Zealand attack, and she indirectly said yes. She also blamed Trump for the bomb attempt on Barrack Obama.

“His [Donald Trump] rhetoric doesn’t help. Many of the people — whether it was the person who tried to bomb Barrack Obama or this murderer in New Zealand — have cited Donald Trump along the way. So to me, that means at the very least, he [Trump] is dividing people. They are using him as an excuse.”

Klobuchar joins other Democrats such as Senator Richard Blumenthal who claimed that Trump somehow played a role in a massacre that happened on the other side of the globe.

Klobuchar also said that Trump “should be giving strong statements and public speeches defending Muslims in this world.”

Why don’t these people ever talk about Christians who are being killed? In Nigeria, for example, Muslims have killed over 120 Christians in the last month. Around the world, about 11 Christians are killed daily for their faith. Klobuchar is not calling on President Trump to condemn these senseless killings of Christians, which we might add, are usually done by Muslims.

Nobody should be getting killed for their faith. But whether the Democrats want to accept it or not, many Muslims around the world are harassing and killing others because they don’t subscribe to Islamic ideology. I believe we should abstain from political correctness and shed more light on the evil perpetuated by many Muslims.